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To provide education which increases public awareness of the link between clean drinking water, safe recreational waters, environmentally sustainable surface and groundwater with watershed based, best management practices related to appropriate wastewater systems, technology, treatment and management.

Thank you for visiting with us at the 2018 WWETT Show - handouts and resources for our Education Classes are posted below.
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You make a living by what you earn.
You make a life by what you help build for the future.
Never has it been more important to radically rethink how we view, use and reuse water.
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Education Classes on Wednesday February 21, 2018

WE08 - Birthing The Baby! How to Start or Retool a Wastewater Service Business-
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So you want to be a septic/port-a-potty service superstar? Why? Do you have a business plan? Have you assessed the market? Do you know how to choose a name, create branding, do effective/low cost marketing? How do you get a license? Attend this session to find out the answers to these questions and more.
1. Discuss how to create a business plan, or know where to find help to do so
2. Create a realistic timeframe for accepting the first customer
3. Choose a name and a brand
4. Define your client base - both now and as you plan to expand

WE18 - Getting It Right the First Time - The Legalities of Starting a Business.-
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So you’ve tested the waters, chosen a name, and you’re ready to start business, right? In this session we’ll be providing a checkbox list for what you should have in place to be a legal and business grounded employer. Topics to be discussed:
• Setting up your EIN and other tax accounts
• Choosing the best legal basis/corporate structure - DBA, LLC, Ltd. or full INC.
• Risk management - what do you want /need to cover and plan for
• Reporting documents for yourself, your employees, your family partners
• Billing issues - your rights under the law
1. Create a start-up check list for legal and tax purposes
2. Chose the right corporate structure for you
3. Assess and manage risk and plan for protecting your family and your business
4. Set up your financial management structures to ensure you get paid!

WE28 - Elvis Wants to Leave The Building: How to End/Close the Business.-
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If the time has come to think about closing the doors and turning off the lights, we’ll provide a check list for what you should have in place to shut down a business. Topics to be covered can fall under either an amicable/managed scenario OR when the decision is forced upon you.
Discussion points:
• Closing out your EIN and other tax accounts
• Planning for or dealing with death of a partner or a spouse
• Loss of income/reputation from theft, being sued, embezzlement
• When to file for bankruptcy
• Creating an Estate Plan or Transfer of Ownership contract
• Transferring insurance coverage
1. Manage an orderly close down or transfer of a business
2. File for bankruptcy and deal with creditors
3. Plan for an unanticipated death or disability
4. Know your rights under the law in the event of criminal acts

Komputers Are Not Just for Kids: Off the Shelf Business Programs.-
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Poor record keeping can get you in trouble with the tax man or the licensing agency, and can cost you some serious money. In this session you will learn how to choose the right software/business products for your business; how to set up a simple spreadsheet/data base; and how to use your products on a mobile platform. I'm sure you've heard you should back up, back up, BACK UP your business records! We'll also discuss those options and choices.
1. Know where to find computer help
2. Create simple basic forms and client records
3. Use a simple spreadsheet to track billing
4. Manage your business using a smart phone

Friday February 23. Room 143
FR07 - Sexy Soils for Septics - Comprehensive Course - 8.30 - 12.30 PM

This 4-hour comprehensive course will provide you an introduction to soils treatment capacity depending on composition and Code. We will spend time on PERC tests and visual appearance. We will demonstrate how to work with the soils you have (feel free to bring your own soil sample to this session), and discuss how to work with a soils scientist and within your local code compliance. When you leave this class you will understand soils maps and mapping tools.
This will be a hands-on class with many samples, demonstrations and activities. An HD video will be used to project some real-time images on the screen for a better/closer learning experience. This class is hosted by Wastewater Education 501(c)3.

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