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Bazalgette And Beyond Earth Month 2019

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Draft Michigan Revised Proposed State Sanitary Code HIB- 5752 and 2018-HIB-5773 were introduced in 2018. With widespread opposition the proposal died in the Lame Duck Session but may be reintroduced in 2019

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If you missed our Tuesday@Two complimentary event: What lies beneath ... The legacy of PFAS at the Wolverine Worldwide site in Rockford, MI you can watch the recording by clicking here.
PFAS in Rockford MI
For those living in the popular Grand Rapids/Rockford area of SW MI, the unfolding story of what lies beneath their soils, and is present in ground, surface and drinking water, has become a nightmare of unanswered questions.
"Blue Investing: Protecting water at the source", WasteWater Education's complimentary 2018 online seminar series, hosts award winning Grand Rapids Press environmental journalist Garret Ellison who has written extensively about PFAS contamination in SW MI.
Joining the discussion is Seth Pitkin, Senior Project Manager at Tetra Tech EM Inc. Pitkin has a M.Sc. in chemical hydrogeology from the University of Waterloo along with 32 years of experience investigating subsurface contamination as well as water supply and wastewater disposal issues. Pitkin specializes in contaminant hydrogeology.

Our FY 2017-18 program focus is to cover source water protection through affordable managed water systems.
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Blue Investing. Protecting water at the source


You may watch the video recording by clicking on this link or the image below. Milton Township Online event recording link and graphic
Manhole Rehab by Parson Environmental Inc. Online event link and graphic To watch this event on Manhole Remediation follow this link

Watch the most recent Blue Investing event featuring this innovative repair and replacement program based in Washington and Oregon
Never has it been more important to radically rethink how we view, use and reuse water.

Parson Environmental I and I

Inflow And Infiltration : Budget friendly options for control
Presenters: Michael Farruggia and Kate Bleyer
Parson Environmental Products, Inc.
Never has it been more important to radically rethink how we view, use and reuse water.
The recording for this event is now available on YouTube.

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