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Page Nine:
Advanced technology and research resources

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Anyone browsing past editions of NOWRA's Onsite Journal can read numerous evaluations of advanced system case studies. An 'advanced system' can also be a baic conventional system with secondary treatment components, filters and timed dosing to achieve the necessary level of acceptable effluent.

In a conventional system, the property owner does little more than write a check to have it permitted and installed and, hopefully, every 3-5 years to a septic service provider for routine maintenance.

However, for reasons due to a change in water table, non performance of the existing system, change in household occupancy and water use a situation may develop where a conventional system needs some help. If the property owner values his or her investment then the outlay on an appropraite system, and the management and maintenance to keep it running smoothly, will more than pay for itself in peace of mind and environmental protection.

Even with additional costs involved - the price of a new septic system will usually be half the cost a new car and should last twice as long. Plus it protects and adds to the value of your property and keeps you in the good graces of your neighbors and the local Health Department.

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