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Environmentally Sensitive Sites and engineered wetland systems.

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One of the greatest concerns of conservation and land use advocates is that the advances in wastewater technology will open for development properties previously considered 'unbuildable.'

NWMOWTF is as concerned about wise land use planning as it is about wise use and management of wastewater systems - just because you 'can' doesn't mean you 'should.' Planning and Zoning regualtions protect quality of life as well as water quality. While wastewater treatment standards are part of that decision making process, they are not a substitute for community planning. There are simply some places too fragile, sensitive and precious to be developed - but the best way to protect them is via legally defensible ordinances, not a sanitary code.

NWMOWTF does not support the use of technology to invade environmentally sensitive areas.

EC&S Engineering has been a leader in this region in exploring alternative options for property owners faced with difficult, sensitive sites and an immediate need to improve treatment performance. They were one of the original founders of NWMOWTF.

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