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US Environmental Protection Agency in 2006 entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with a collaboration of wastewater organizations.

The purpose of this MOU is to formalize the ongoing cooperative relationship between the EPA and the Signatory Organizations in order to effectively address issues pertaining to decentralized wastewater treatment systems.
The MOU is intended to facilitate cooperation, collaboration, consultation, coordination, and effective communication between the EPA and the Signatory Organizations." [MOU in Adobe PDF Format 240k]

Also in 2005, EPA Office of Water issued: Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems A Program Strategy. [Adobe PDF Format 1.4 MB]
"Decentralized wastewater treatment systems (commonly called septic systems) are a significant component of this nation’s wastewater infrastructure. They can be an effective option for protecting public health and the environment if properly designed, installed, and managed. They can be a significant threat to public health and the environment if they are not.
I am pleased to publish this Strategic Plan to improve the performance of decentralized wastewater treatment systems. This Strategic Plan presents our key goals and planned actions for our decentralized wastewater treatment system program. It builds on existing partnerships to provide a solid foundation of information, training, management, and oversight. It includes components for regulators, service providers, and property owners. I believe this Strategic Plan is a significant step forward for communities that choose a decentralized approach to help protect the health of their citizens and the environment: A message from Ben Grumbles, Assistant Administrator of the Office of Water

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