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Water To Waste Section Sixteen: Onsite Wastewater Extends Our Gratitude to our sponsors without whom this education initiative could not have taken place

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Bullhead Lake, Long Lake Township, MI

Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation

Bullhead Lake, Long Lake Township, MI

Community Foundation For Oceana County

Where To Go For More Information
Water & Wastewater Resources
Many resources are available on the web and through your local public library.
A word of caution: water and wastewater technology is developing rapidly as the need becomes urgent to provide for our future needs. When doing an internet search, or reviewing materials, look at the date. Although there are bedrock studies and premier research that will stand the test of time, look for information published within the past 10 years. Old biases and outdated assumptions die hard.

Water To Waste Section Two: Water / Energy Efficiency information and EPA WaterSense Program

Water To Waste Section Three: The inter-relationship between water use, wastewater, the water cycle and wastewater systems.

Water To Waste Section Four: Common sense information about how your wastewater system works

Water To Waste Section Five: Installation, siting, operation and maintenance.

Water To Waste Section Six And Seven: The many amazing things that end up in the waste stream and why we should be careful and concerned.

Water To Waste Section Eight and Nine: The state of our region - an attempt to survey wastewater systems.

Water To Waste Section Ten: The Case For Community Management

Water To Waste Section Eleven: Small community options, choices and solutions

Water To Waste Section Twelve: Understanding northwest Michigan geography and geology and how this relates to wastewater.

Water To Waste Section Thirteen: Information about different types of wastewater systems and case studies.

Water To Waste Section Fourteen: A terrible waste to waste - when there's money to be made and saved by innovation.

Water To Waste Section Fifteen: Who We Are and What We Do

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