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On December 4, 2012, WasteWater Education hosted Cynthia Beal, founder of the Natural Burial Company, creator of the Living Cemetery Project in the USA, and lecturer in Oregon State University's online Distance Education program, to discuss the financial and ecological benefits afforded to local governments of implementing alternative cemetery management practices. Cynthia Beal, Tuesday@Two Natural Burial recording now available on our YouTube Channel: http://youtu.be/7BrV9jmBgGs

The presentation included examples of sustainable cemetery management techniques both in the US and from other countries.

Most people are only superficially aware of the impacts of western funeral practices on our landscape, water resources, and public tax roles.

Although cemeteries represent a 10+billion dollar industry in the US, there is no governmental organization that systemically monitors their potential pollution or fiscal health, and no educational facility that researches cemetery issues or trains professionals in best practices.

Because death is a taboo subject - and since we only die once - we don't learn FROM death; we can only plan FOR it, and BEFORE it. For those who are willing to think ahead, this workshop - and others revolving around Living Cemetery Project, now taking shape at Oregon State University - introduces a local solution that enables governments to help existing cemeteries begin the transition to sustainable techniques, while enhancing the habitat and serving the natural funeral and burial needs of the citizens who will use it.

"Cemeteries are a vital part of the human landscape; funerals are a key part of our culture. When we raise awareness of their personal relevance, and help people translate that into local action that reduces pollution,lowers costs, and enhances our connections to the environment and one another.

"The Living Cemetery Project and the Sustainable Cemetery Management curriculum now under development at OSU is all about getting in front of the general public with this message about the importance of rescuing our historic and municipal cemeteries and transforming them into the habitat/oases of the future.

Participants are invited to become involved in our work - we hope to help cemetery operators motivate and train citizen-steward volunteers and landscape staff who will then help cemeteries take on this challenging transition."
Cynthia Beal, College of Agriculture Sciences, Oregon State University

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To provide education which increases public awareness of the link between clean drinking water, safe recreational waters, environmentally sustainable surface and groundwater with watershed based, best management practises related to appropriate wastewater systems, technology, treatment and management.

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