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There is no charge to attend our Tuesday@Two presentations but space is limited.
Please reserve your seat by email to info@wastewatereducation.org


* 2014

Wonderful Women of Wastewater 2014

This was a virtual meeting where the fabulous #WWofWW gathered around the Adobe Connect 'water cooler' to inspire young girlsto stay in school.

In the US, girls comprise 70% of science, technology, engineering and math college STEM students.
But only 45% of them stick with it to graduate.

You can view the Event Recording Here

Hosted Seminar Series

lagoons eventEver wonder why you seem to end up with more water in your lagoons than you ought to have?

Has your facility ever had an overflow in the spring, or come close to it?

Watch Here.

Have you been told by the MDEQ that “Evaporation Equals Precipitation”? In other words, that summer evaporation cancels out annual precipitation, and therefore you do not have to worry about factoring in rain and snow for your operations?

The Presenters explain how and why this may not be true.

This presentation will show you where the “Mystery Water” may really be coming from.

In this presentation, the hydrologic cycle is revisited with lagoon operations in mind. If you want to understand the water balance of your lagoon facility, save money and headaches, and avoid costly and unnecessary fines and capital expenditures, this presentation is for you!

As Michigan is on course to experience ever fluctuating extreme wether events, it's vital for you to know what to do with the next deluge happens .....

About the presenters:

Marc Middlestadt holds a B.S. degree in Biology from Grand Valley State University in Allendale Michigan, plus a two year program at Delta College in University City, Michigan for water/wastewater operations. After college, he spent time as a quality control professional for several industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories. Subsequently he entered the environmental field, and worked as a water quality analyst supporting lake assessment and large aquatic weed control projects. Marc has been involved in wastewater and drinking water operations since 1993. Marc has extensive “hands on” field experience with every aspect of operations and maintenance for municipal drinking water and wastewater operations. He has exercised complete operational responsibility for drinking water treatment plants, water distribution systems, wastewater treatment plants and related collection systems, grinder pump networks, lift stations, laboratory operations, inspections, staking, meter reading, cross connection programs, and every possible facet of these systems from permit compliance to customer relations. He holds multiple wastewater and drinking water treatment licenses in Michigan. Marc has owned Huron Environmental Consultants since 2011.

David G. VerSluis, Jr., holds a B.S. in Industrial and Environmental Health Management from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. Mr. VerSluis founded Sierra Environmental Consultants in 1993, and the company quickly became a recognized leader in the environmental field. Services include the assessment, investigation, and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, regulatory permitting, and the evaluation, operation, and maintenance of small to medium scale water and wastewater treatment systems. Mr. VerSluis maintains a Registered Environmental Property Assessor (REPA #2057) credential with the National Registry of Environmental Professionals

  • Mr. VerSluis has held the following affiliations:
  • Past Vice-President of the Michigan On-Site Wastewater Recycling Association (MOWRA)
  • Past member of SBA’s Economic Development Foundation, Certified (EDFC)
  • Past presenter for the SBA’s annual “Lender’s Conference” in Lansing, Michigan (2001 - 2009).
  • Past member of the "Ethics and Standards" committee of the Michigan Environmental Consultants and Contractors Association (MECCA)
  • Past member of the Michigan Rural Water Association (MRWA), the National Onsite Wastewater Recycler’s Association (NOWRA), the Michigan Environmental Health Association (MEHA), the Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA) the Michigan Economic Developers Association (MEDA) the Michigan Boating Industries Association (MBIA)
  • Former Certified Onsite Wastewater System Inspector (COWSI), Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (CIOWTS) credential with the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA).

Welcome to Google Apps Series via Google Hangouts On Air

Thursday March 13, 2014 at 2pm ET

Chris MiddingsChris Middings, Founder and President at NPG, specializes in managing Google Accounts. In this, the third of our walk through Google's amazing range of nonprofit (and for profit) tools, Chris will explain the power of Analytics as a means to maximize the information gleaned from web traffic.

We have been a Google For Nonprofits partner for many years, and are most grateful for our OneToday, YouTube (check out Chris's 2 prior seminars on Google For NonProfits and Google AdGrants - linkes below), EarthPro, Drive, G+ and Hangout tools but we have only just begun to realize the true reach of Google Analytics.


Our organization is based on partnerships and sharing. As we are in the process of learning how best to fully utilize our own Google For Nonprofits and Google Ad Grants donation ourselves, it seemed only logical to share that with anyone else who might be interested?

Google For Nonprofits

WasteWater Education is proud to be a NetSquared Partner - education and knowledge are meant to be shared!
Part One and Two are available on our YouTube For Nonprofits Channel.

Broad Street PumpMarch 12 we gathered around the virtual Broad Street Pump to recognize the incalculable contribution to public health and epidemiology of Dr. John Snow.

March 26, at 2pm ET, we visited some case study communities to learn about biological treatment options for lagoons.
Presenter: Judd Sundine See YouTube Video Recording Here
Mr. Sundine has more than 40 years of experience in the horticulture, wastewater, and environmental fields.

* 2012

Natural Burial imageOn December 4, 2012, WasteWater Education hosted Cynthia Beal, founder of the Natural Burial Company, creator of the Living Cemetery Project in the USA, and lecturer in Oregon State University's online Distance Education program, to discuss the financial and ecological benefits afforded to local governments of implementing alternative cemetery management practices. Cynthia Beal, Tuesday@Two Natural Burial recording now available on our YouTube Channel: http://youtu.be/7BrV9jmBgGs


November 25, 2012, at 2 pm ET:
Troubled Waters: Coping With Stress and Conflict Management Skills for Water Professionals
Troubled Waters

In a climate of antithesis toward what can be perceived as overly burdensome, or excessively inhibitive, environmental regulation those charged with overseeing the law and its implementation can frequently find themselves in situations that would try the patience of a saint!
YouTube Recording available here. Wanda Joseph & Bill Waters, Presenters
Through their private practice, Mediation and Training for Creative Conflict Resolution offers specialty mediation, training and facilitation for conflict in business, government and non-profit agencies.

Living MachinesSeptember 25, 2012 featured the outstanding LEED architecture and integrated wastewater systems of Living Machine Systems, L3C www.livingmachines.com

Recording available on our YouTube Channel.

Cold Comfort

July 10, 2012, at 2 pm ET.
Cold Comfort!
An Introduction to Subsurface Drip Dispersal (SDD) under Freezing Conditions. Presenter: Rodney Ruskin. CEO Geoflow, Inc.

recording available on our YouTube Channel.

Freezing conditions are unforgiving. If the subsurface drip system is designed correctly it will work – if it not designed correctly it will fail. This introduction will discuss the critical factors of design and site selection that, if followed, will ensure success.

Vic D'AmatoOn May 29, 2012, WasteWater Education hosted the first in a Master Class Series of online, public information, presentations.

New Concepts for Rural,
Urban and Suburban Water Reuse
Using Distributed Systems
Victor D’Amato. Senior Engineer Tetra Tech Research Triangle Park, NC

The event was recorded and is available at http://youtu.be/bPJ4bgCPCNY

New, more sustainable water infrastructure systems are emerging in rural, suburban, and urban communities across the United States and abroad. These new infrastructure models integrate decentralized systems within traditional, centralized conveyance and treatment networks in an approach called distributed management. Communities are recognizing that these strategies—which integrate water management at the individual site scale, to residential neighborhoods and small communities, to an entire watershed or region—are more efficient and effective across a triple bottom line of environmental, social, and economic considerations.

The research project, When to Consider Distributed Systems in an Urban and Suburban Context, analyzed 20 case studies where distributed approaches are being used to provide integrated water services across a range of community-specific situations and management frameworks in the United States and Australia.

This project was sponsored by the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) and the National Decentralized Wastewater Resource Capacity Development Project (NDWRCDP) to help planners, utility managers, engineers, developers, regulators and other decision-makers determine whether they should consider using a distributed approach in areas where users might normally be served by centralized systems.

Victor D’Amato currently serves as a Senior Engineer out of Tetra Tech's Research Triangle Park, NC office where he helps governments, communities, and utilities plan and implement sustainable strategies that decrease capital and recurring costs, increase energy efficiency, and effectively address emerging challenges.

Previous Recorded Events 2011-12

2010- 2011 Recorded Event

Our Purpose: To provide education which increases public awareness of the link between clean drinking water, safe recreational waters, environmentally sustainable surface and groundwater with watershed based, best management practices related to appropriate wastewater systems, technology, treatment and management.

If you have a topic you would like us to cover or host for your particular community or neighborhood - just let us know!

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