2022 Education Events

2022 marks the 52nd Anniversary of Earth Day - and who could have imagined what kind of world we are experiencing now?

In April we have partnered with some amazing people and organizations who have given generously of their time and expertise to provide the following events at no cost to attendees. Bookmark this page as we are adding new events all the time. Our live attendance space is limited but we will be posting recordings here and in our WasteWater Education YouTube Channel

On April 26, 2022 Kayla Hanson P.E. gave a presentation on sustainable concrete.

Resilient Wastewater Solutions: Building for the Future Our nation’s aging infrastructure is a common theme in the news. We hear about deteriorating roads, high-risk dams, and old and undersized treatment plants. Wastewater infrastructure is critical to society’s daily functions, health, and safety, yet it is one of the lowest-rated aspects of our country’s framework. Improving wastewater infrastructure involves billions of dollars of repair, rehabilitation, and new construction work. A key to long-term success is to select quality and resilient construction solutions. During this session we will investigate resilient concrete wastewater solutions. We will discuss what resilience is and why resilient construction has become a focal point in both centralized and decentralized wastewater projects across the country. We will discuss what factors contribute to resilience and how resilient solutions can improve safety, reduce construction time, reduce costs, and extend service life. Finally, we will investigate options for bolstering concrete’s durability while also reducing concrete’s carbon footprint. Click Here for more information

Constructed wetlands for sustainable water and wastewater management
Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Environmental Engineering & Management, School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete, April. 11, 2022

A review of pilot systems designed to integrate settling techniques, and horizontal subsurface flow in constructed wetlands for the treatment of wastewater.
See the attached PDF listing resources. A slide deck will be available shortly.

Check out 2020 events - we didnt host events in 2021 due to Covid.

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