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Community Septic System Owners Guide
An online interactive creation tool at

At least 25% of the US population relies on onsite systems to safely treat their wastewater.

Many of these systems serve clusters of homes through a shared 'community' system which requires additional management. The delivery of proper system management is a key issue to ensure cost-effective and long-term wastewater treatment for both new development and existing communities.

The University of Minnesota's Onsite Sewage Treatment Program and its national partners, including us, received a grant to bridge the gap between septic system professionals, regulators, and owners by developing a customizable Community System Owner's Guide (CSOG).

The CSOG will help community members and leaders understand how their system works, what management tasks need to occur on a regular basis, and how they can protect their infrastructure from premature failure.

A CSOG can be developed using a web-interface tool that will allow an individual to produce an expert-driven and locally-customized manual (electronic or hard-copy) CSOG for any cluster septic system in America.

Using this tool, an engineer, septic professional, community facilitator, or educated community member will be able to develop a guide to effective management by entering basic information on the users, system, rate structures and any regional, state, or local differences in regulations that affect the management of community systems.

This tool will enable thousands of communities across the US to properly manage their septic systems; therefore protecting our ground and surface waters.

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