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Our Purpose
To provide education which increases public awareness of the link between clean drinking water, safe recreational waters, environmentally sustainable surface and groundwater with watershed based, best management practices related to appropriate wastewater systems, technology, treatment and management.

  1. For first time applicants, with minimal inspection experience, a set of online/on demand classes are mandatory.( see below) In addition please note that each may also approved for Continuing Septage Education credit by your local State but you should verify that with your local authority.
  2. A required 2 hour class is mandatory for those applying to renew their prior NSF Certification, or aquire a first time one: “Checklists, Inspections and Disclosures for Onsite System Inspectors”
    The fee for this class is $80 per candidate.

  3. Online Classroom exam
    A 60 knowledge competency test will be administered via the internet. Once logged in, the Candidate has up to 3 hours to complete the test and submit answers (1 hour per section - released in sequence)
    The fee is $75 per candidate. 75% and above is a passing grade. A repeat of this classroom exam is mandatory for renewal.

  4. Field Training
    Candidates with no prior field inspection experience are required to take a 4 hour onsite training class with a Proctor, or MUST provide proof of successful and accepted prior inspections.
    Fee - $250

  5. Field Examination
    To complete the Onsite Inspection course, new candidates who pass the WRITTEN Exam are required to undertake a ‘one-on-one’ practical Field Examination. Wastewater Education will provide Field Exam Proctors and arrange for the candidate to visit a test system site
    Field Examination Fee - $250 - $395.00, depending on Proctor travel and lodging requirement.
    Every effort will be made to schedule the Field Practical Exam in a prompt and timely manner in the jurisdiction you primarily do business in. Wastewater Education will provide each individual with a quality ‘one-on-one’, locally relevant, Field experience. In the 4 hour allotted per Field Exam, Wastewater Education will make a good faith effort to include 2 examples of typical systems found in your region. (i.e a mound, holding tank or advanced system)
    Clicking the Button below begins the registration - you MUST email or call us wih your full contact information,

  6. Field Examination: Renewal Candidates
    A repeat Field Practical Exam is required for each renewal unless the previously NSF Certified candidate can supply a minimum of 6 accepted Inspection Reports undertaken in the prior two years.
    Clicking the Button below begins the registration - you MUST email or call us wih your full contact information.

  7. Upon successful completion of the Onsite Inspection classes course, online and field exam, the candidate must renew every 3 years by calendar date of award.

    There are 2 paths to become a certified system inspector:
    1. To hold a current Onsite Operator or Installer or Evaluator license as listed at
    2. To have completed an NSF equivalent course of instruction which MUST include a field test for both your and the property owner's safety and for liability purposes and to assess your proficiency in a real life setting.
    As a national 501(c)3 we (WasteWater Education 501(c)3 ) took over the inspector training program from NSF.
    There are several levels of training dependent upon the candidates level of expertise. To comply with we are able to provide the core 2 hour online, on demand class which includes assignments as listed above.
    In addition you must take the mandatory 60 question written exam listed above which may also be taken live online. A minimum 75% passing grade is required. Those who fail may take a refresher course to resit a new exam.

    In addition is attendance at or viewing of a mandatory 90 minutes soils and geology of Virginia class ($60), as it relates to onsite wastewater treatment. Content from this, as well as the foundation class, may be the topic of questions in the written exam.
    The foundation course deals specifically with conventional soil based systems - those seeking to evaluate advance/alternative systems will require a supplemental license. Upon successful completion we will arrange for a local field exam. Do NOT pay for that beforehand please.