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Our Symposium "It's All About The Money!?" is an opportunity to learn from the best how to make wise, affordable and sustainable wastewater decisions for your community.

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Municipal and private projects utilizing smart water/digital twins

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Municipal and private projects utilizing smart water/digital twins.

If you ask a half a dozen experts about what “Smart Wastewater” is you will get half a dozen opinions.
In this session, hosted by Oliver Grievson, we will explore through discussion and case studies,what smart wastewater , digitial twin technologies and innovation can achieve for water and wastewater operators and how in reality it can be a tool to support day to day operations for communities of any size!
It is said that nothing in life is certain - except death and taxes!
We should really add two more - time passes, and with it, change is inevitable!
What have the water professions become and where we are heading? Hard-working people maintain our water infrastructure, properly treat and dispose of wastewater, keep water safe, and our environment healthy.
Smart water is about anticipating and planning for change, just as the WWETT Show itself has done in response to the global pandemic.
Smart decisions making is about new equipment, new instrumentation and controls technology such as digital twins.
Smart ethics is about being an environmentally responsible professional who is committed to ensuring a resilient future for water resources the world over.
Smart training here is about doing things faster and more cost efficiently!
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Oliver Grievson has more than 40 years experience in recycled water, wastewater treatment and agribusiness.

Oliver Grievson is the current WasteWater Education Board ViceChair. Associate Director at Atkins helping water companies with everything from wastewater instrumentation, flow compliance, data governance to Digital Transformation. He is Group Manager: Water Industry Process Automation & Control (WIPAC)LinkedIn Wastewater Management Committee: Foundation for Water Research & CIWEM Management Board of the International Water Association's Specialist Group on ICA Board of Directors for the Sensors For Water Interest Group (SWIG).