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Cloud based data sharing, case studies and managment training

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Cloud based data sharing, case studies and management training

Models of any municipal, on-site and decentralized wastewater treatment systems need data, LOTS of data,to assess and manage operations, disasters and the potential impacts of nutrient and pathogen run-off.
What kept you awake at night a year ago has now changed - for ever.
Communities of any size, from 250 to 250K, are facing the new reality of reduced revenue, ongoing repair costs, and wildly fluctuating use patterns. Do you have a cloud based asset management system, or are wondering if now might be the time to figure out how this might work for you?
In any community, there are many employees, departments, contractors, inspectors and service personnel who all need to work together and have equal access to any piece of the data that impacts them - on demand.
Asset management is not just a data base, not just a catalog of parts and activities. At its best it mirrors the system and allows everyone, at any time, to see what's happening - and what might be ABOUT to happen!
That means storing, indexing, and sharing your videos in the cloud and visualizing your inspection data via embedded links so it’s more accessible, usable, and valuable. Can you to find the information you need, when you need it, and from any device, while tethering your resources together to maximize workflows? Come find out how. Hosted by t4Spatial.
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Host Michael Thompson Vice President T4 Spatial

T4Spatial’s Executive Vice President has over 10 years’ experience within the water/wastewater sector, specifically focused in municipality, contractor and engineering firm relationships that build and maintain infrastructure.
He is recognized as a leader in the management, process, and benefits of utilizing existing and new data to identify opportunities to create efficiencies in wastewater system processes.
Objectives of the session:
Create clear understanding of how cloud-based systems can create efficiencies in operations.
Understand how cloud-based systems can interact with existing programs utilized by municipalities.
Identify the key criteria required to implement a process to consolidate information utilizing cloud services.
Identify how cloud services can integrate office and field staff to create savings and efficiencies.
Identify how cloud services can provide increased security to municipal data and potentially produce savings.

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